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RLC NatCon11 Registration

On-line registration is
Visit the Registration Desk at the Convention
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Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson
Full Package $165
Couple $250
Two  meals - All events
Events Package $80
Couple $140
No meals - All events

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Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 9a-9p
Arlington, Virginia
All current members have
full delegate status.
Registration Closed
News from the Convention
Hiton Arlington Hotel
Hilton Hotel
Arlington, Virginia
Banquet Package $95
Couple $140
Banquet meal and event only
Lunch Ala-Carte $45
Couple $65
Luncheon only
Become a
Convention Sponsor
Student Package $50
Luncheon - All events
[May require Student ID]
All official RLC business
sessions are open to all
FREE of charge.
Registration Closed
News from the Convention

I can't attend, but would like to contribute
to cover expenses.
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